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EUEOM Presidential, Parliamentarian
and Civic Elections Kenya 2002
Chief Observer

Chief Observer

Mr. Anders WIJKMAN
Born on 30 September 1944, Stockholm
Degree (1967)
Group of the European People's Party (Christian
Democrats) and European Democrats, Member
European Parliament, Member
Committee on Development and Cooperation, Vice Chairman
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy, Substitute
Members from the European Parliament to the Joint Parliamentary Assembly of the Agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Union (ACP-EU), Member
Secretary-General of the Swedish Red Cross (1979-1988) and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (1989-1991).
Director-General of the Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries.
Senior official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (since 1998).
Chairman of the Conservative Students Federation (1968-1970).
Member of the Riksdag (1970-1978).
Assistant UN Secretary-General and Head of Policy at the UNDP (1995-1997).
Member of the Club of Rome.
Member of the International Factor 10 Club and of the World Academy of Art and Science.
Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.
Chairman of the board of management, National Museum of Natural History.

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