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EUEOM Presidential, Parliamentarian
and Civic Elections Kenya 2002

Health Info
Health Recommendations for travelling to Kenya

The only requirement for visitors to Kenya is a Certificate of inoculation against Yellow fever which is required from travellers older than one year and coming from infected areas (i.e. along the tropics 20 N and 10 S). Visitors from the rest of the world are not affected.

Taking malarial drugs before, during and after the trip can reduce the possibility of infection with malaria. You are however advised to try and avoid mosquito bites by using repellents and by wearing suitable cover-up clothes in the evening.

Hotels and lodges supply clean drinking water but whenever in doubt, please drink only bottled mineral water which is available in most hotels and stores. Outside Nairobi and Mombasa, drinking water from the tap is not encouraged.

There are very good hospitals in the main towns of Kenya and the rural areas have small health centres where one can get first aid.

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