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EUEOM Presidential, Parliamentarian
and Civic Elections Kenya 2002

Role of EU EOM

"International election observation is based on the principles of full coverage, impartiality, transparency and professionalism. Its ultimate objective is to become superfluous by entrenching democracy deep within each nation through development of national capacities. Its main goals are the legitimisation of an electoral process, where appropriate, and the enhancement of public confidence in the electoral process, to deter fraud, to strengthen respect for human rights, and to contribute to the resolution of conflict."

Excerpt from:
COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION on EU Election Assistance and Observation Brussels, 11.4.2000, COM(2000), 191 final

Election Observation Missions The observation of elections is an important component of the EU's policy in promoting human rights and democratisation throughout the world. The EU undertakes such activities on the basis of partnership with the host country and with the objective of developing national capacity. The EU has developed a long term methodology for the conduct of its EOMs, in accordance with good international practice. Each mission will, wherever possible, consist of a Core Team, Long Term Observers (LTOs) and Short Term Observers (STOs). The EOM will be led by the Chief Observer, and the core team will comprise an election and logistics component.

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