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EUEOM Presidential, Parliamentarian
and Civic Elections Kenya 2002

Security Advisory
Mission Security Advisory

This brief security info has been prepared to help Mission members in minimising the risk of security incidents. Most of it is common sense, while a number of areas are recommended for everyone's protection.

Insecurity and crime have become big issues in Kenya generally and in Nairobi in particular, over the past years.

Muggings, pick pocketing and snatch robberies are all part of life in downtown Nairobi. The Grand Regency is in downtown Nairobi. Regardless of whether you have been here before or not, the following recommendations are for your own safety and security. As European you will "stick out" as one so you will be a target for those preying on such persons. These recommendations are based on experience reported by and from those that failed to follow the recommendations in the past. Remember security is also your responsibility.

1. Do not walk anywhere at night.

2. Do not ever walk in the Uhuru Park (located just by the hotel).

3. Do not walk in town by yourself, always in group, with minimum 3 - 4 people.

4. Take a EUEOM driver, or a taxi recommended by the hotel.

5. Ensure driver waits or comes to pick you up later.

6. No jewelry, be discreet and non-flash.

7. Keep windows up while driving in traffic and car locked.

8. Scan the area before you exit your car, and as you walk back to it.

9. Keep ALL valuables in hotel safe.

10. Take with you just sufficient money (or credit card) for your immediate needs.

11. Avoid carrying handbags or shoulder bags and small cameras (these are being robbed in restaurants and cafes on regular bases).

12. Avoid beggars and street children.

13. You should all be back at the hotel at least by 11 pm. You will be given additional and more detailed security and safety instructions over the in country briefing.

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